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When we think of a search engine, the most likely to cross everyone’s mind tends to be Google. This is for good reason , obviously Google is the search engine king.

There are however, more to the internet than Google and here are some search engines that are great alternatives.



Dogpile has been around quite a long time but it’s still pretty good for a change. search engines


Another engine that’s been around many years. (They don’t track your searches)


 Yahoo Search


For the personal touch


Ixquick is all about keeping your privacy safe.

Creative Commons Search

Handy if you need to find copyright free images for your website

Active Search Results



Yippy searches the search engines

Facebook Search

Twitter Advanced Search

search engines





There are literally hundreds even thousands of different search engines to explore. I just covered the ones I think are really worth using for an alternative to Google.

Leave a comment below if you have some more suggestions 🙂




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