Need Idea For Halloween?This Stuff Would Scare Freddy Kruger


Every year you try to come up with an original idea for Halloween. Everyone does the usual movie character, superhero etc. flavor of the year. You know the endless stream of Deadpools , Harley Quinns or someone from the monster squad.

Your Ideal Idea For Halloween Is Here

Look no further because here are some cool and horrifying ideas to consider for the next Halloween party you are attending, or decorating your crib or whatever you want.

Holographic Ghosts Digital Decor

idea for halloween

Remember the movie Poltergeist? Not that crappy updated one but the original from the 80’s.

Remember the demon ghost in the doorway that wouldn’t let anyone in?

Now you can have your own with the “Hollow graphic” ghost creator.

My personal favorite creepy idea for Halloween.

Price: $39.95

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Zombie Gnome Statues 

Nothing says welcome like a Zombie Gnome coming out of the ground to scare the toddlers. On Hal

zombie gnome

loween of course. Probably not a great idea to use these in the front yard in June. (Funny….but bad idea)


check it out







I Love Chunk Latex Mask

(Novelty Latex Rubber Creepy Scary Ugly Baby Head the Goonies Sloth Mask)

Ah, Sloth, you are awesome! Where is Chunk Sloth?

sloth mask

check it out

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