Cosplay is Weird Yet Awesome at The Same Time


The phenomenon known as cosplay,

cosplay being short for costume has evolved and grown into a massive money making endeavor for many.

when you dress up as your favorite or obscure as hell

character from whatever media you are into, and go to these events that are held in every city in North America and Internationally global where the event enthusiasts come in droves of thousands.

(Yes I should mention that most of these cosplay people are grown men and women) …not judging.


The days of the nerd and geek comic book collecting, never had a girlfriend and always showing

up at the nearest Comicon every year has evolved dramatically.


Don’t get me wrong…

There are always a huge crowd of out of shape, still living in Ma’s basement, action figure collecting, horny, proud to know Klingon types wandering around the Comicon floor adding burned in images of all the slave Leia’s to their spank bank memory.

It’s just that now there are also A, B and C list celebrities showing up,

Mom’s and Dad’s, your Gramps or Grandma, Doctors, lawyers, Police officers and everyone else getting into the cosplay scene.


Comicon Sandiego 1973
Image source:

These events started back in the 70’s (1970 in San Diego) and mostly was all about comic books but now, it encompasses every media type niche you can think of.

Comicon 1973
Image: Comicon 1973 San Diego Source :


Amazing Cosplay and Really Terrible…

I won’t get into the really weird stuff here… ( The Brony’s)

What cosplay looks like today at Comicon is truly bizarre, magical and sexy too.


The “cosplayers” conventions started back in 1938 roughly.

The term Cosplay for short was created back in the early eighties I believe.


The gathering of like minded people playing dress-up.

It spawned into dressing as characters from movies, video games, popular mainstream to the super obscure.


People dressing up as their favorite characters ain’t nothing new.


What’s new in modern day cosplay is the level of detailed sophistication and creativity in some of these costumes.

London_Comic_Con_2015_-_Gotham_cosplay batman cosplay

These costumes, homemade and pretty damn cool are

just a few of the characters at Comicon.


harley quinn


For my top 20 worst, horrifying but hilarious cosplay click here


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