10 Hilarious And Interesting Websites You Probably Missed

Humor websites are everywhere. So are the odd and interesting sites.  You likely know all about the usual go-to’s for your daily uplifting, so here are 10 awesome sites that you may or may not have heard about yet

  1. The Grouchy Rabbit

The Grouchy Rabbit is the offbeat humor site that will give you things like “tips of the day” or a “to do list. Example To do list: Attend weight watchers meeting-bring cake.

2. LifeBuzz

The blog that will give you hours of entertainment. Crazy facts list, strange and real photos, and enough content to keep you busy until your morning coffee break.

3. BLR Bad Lip Reading

I’ve been a fan for quite some time. These guys pull off the funniest stuff on video that I have ever seen. My buddies and I love it, but our wives don’t get it….and it makes this site awesome!

4. 9Gag

This is another site that has a lot going on in it

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